At MrFixItUK we understand how important security is to you. We have engineers that are capable of installing and maintaining any level of intruder alarm, CCTV, lighting, locks and gates.

We have a range of wired and wireless intruder alarms for the home. With the amazing advances in technology, wireless intruder alarms are a real cost effective alternative to the more traditional wired systems. If you have an existing system but you are not sure how effective it is or do not trust that it won’t let you down while you are away, we can help. We can check your system throughout and let you know what should be done to make it as effective as possible. This will give you complete peace of mind when you are away from your property. We can completely overhaul an intruder system, this will not only make your system work more efficiently and more accurately but it will also look more appealing in your home.

We can supply and fit any type of CCTV system you require. With the option of having the picture on your TV, a separate recorder and monitor or an internet based system you can potentially view your property from anywhere in the world! There are 2 basic types of CCTV camera: covert - these cameras are hidden, discreetly placed, small (ideal for you if you have a specific problem area or do not want to spoil the atheistic of your home or office) and overt - this equipment is designed as a deterrent as well as being potentially operational (dummy cameras and flashing lights come into this category). If you are not sure what system to go for give MrFixItUK a call and we will come out to your property to discuss your requirements.

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